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Strategic Planning, Implementation & Evaluation

Strategic Planning, Implementation & Evaluation- Our clients are mainly the middle sized organizations, whether for profit or non-profit, private or public.


We make it clear that their business environment they operating in have become not only increasingly uncertain but also more tightly interconnected.











The survival and success in such environment requires threefold response from the managers of these organizations:

    • They are required to think strategically as never before,
    • They need to translate their insight into effective strategies to cope with their changed circumstances and lastly, and
    • They need to develop rationales necessary to lay the groundwork for adopting and implementing strategies in this ever-changing environment.


This is a response to turbulent times but we are regaining our altitude. We work with the organization to develop or review existing strategies to respond to market dynamics.



We make organizations understand the nature and types of business environments that is increasingly getting more complex as the risks and threats become multiple and often overlapping.


Strabuck Consulting engage our clients in defining their strategic directions through highly participatory and consultation processes to formulate plans that emerge as inclusive of the entire organization as possible that endure.images6imagesc



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