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Strabuck Quotes

  • Thinking of personnal financial freedom, get it from your savings and investments; not borowing (loans) unless if your are investing in business;
  • What really counts for young entrepreneurs is mentoring and networking;
  • The only cure for cancers of corruption and negative ethnicity is a strong value system;
  • Having everything is not the answer you'll still have problems;
  • If you steal they will call you a thief but if you don't they will think that you're stupid, so values and clear conscience are the way to go;
  • People should be planting trees during birthdays/weddings rather than just decaying their teeth;
  • If you're not patient to sit on eggs to hutch, how impatient will you walk with the chicks to a hen? Or you'll leave it to eagle?
  • People with ideas move the world, as long as they have people who believe in and give them a chance;
  • Right people make all difference, they make businesses succeed;
  • Rare resources the best gift that Africa ever had;
  • I better be a beggar of wisdom rather than money;
  • The sky is so wide for an air crash;
  • Your personal initiative determines your success;
  • Don't say you are drowning, why did you get into the waters;
  • Refuse to give up easily;
  • What matters is getting it right and doing it in the right manner;
  • History is made by good decisions that are implemented;
  • Then there is wisdom in not knowing anything;
  • If your house is in fire u need to help those who are getting out; but also put off the fire!
  •  No one can be termed successful until his (her) successor succeeds!
  • It’s not what in the pocket that matter but the contents of the skull
  • Using public position to create business isn't being smart at all, that stupid;
  • When rich rob the poor, it’s called business and when the poor fights back, its violence.
  • Hypocrisy at its best; when you do the right thing you are cannibalized
  • Easier to catch, but finishing the prey is a mountain to climb
  • The more you win, harder you should work.
  • No dream is too big to dream; don’t give up even in the face of failure. 
  • The only thing that can tame a man/woman is God; I know atheists may differ!
  • Need to change oneself, village comes second.
  • The butcher never gets a dinner invitation.
  • Strange times indeed; Can the unity of lambs save them from hungry wolves in their midst!
  • If the spirit of devolution is embraced in both 'spirit & soul', Kenyans stand to reap a lot; the mistake is the 'electoral' process! Simply put, the electorates are co-authors of failures associated with devolution;
  • It's true that Rome was not built in 1 day but the builders had the right attitude, responsiveness and commitment; ingredients many lack 2day;
  • You can only beat time with time;
  • Making timely choice with right attitude is an ingredient to 'SUCCESS' 
  • The political class has mastered the art of impoverishing the people to fulfil their instant gratification: People must be educated! 
  • Just as having the right tools won't necessarily make you a good mechanic;
  • You can't feed eagle with chicken feed and expect to get broiler!
  • As with many things that are free in life, there’s a catch;
  • Holding you dream sustains your life, it keeps you in love of God;
  • Build a mountain with hills;
  • No please! Am an eagle not a chicken;
  • What doesn't kill you makes you stronger;
  • Sometimes 'X' doesn't mark the spot;
  • An individual is not built by what others say about;
  • Passion of innovation a driver of entrepreneurship;
  • When change becomes unbearable, opportunity is ripe in air.
  • Corruption is a culture of destruction!
  • Don't try doing the right thing in the wrong way!
  • The cure for cancers of corruption can only be found in positive change of attitude & not only in changing processes and systems!
  • We harbour our own salvation; the tragedy is that we expect people to deliver it.
  • Our destiny as humanity demands a responsive leadership.
  • Responsive leadership is giving listening ears to your juniors and seniors!
  • Inspiring others is part of our personal journey
  • Don't be discouraged when failure precedes the anticipated 'success'
  • Who is really an entrepreneur? Even professionals like lawyers, Doctors etc are!
  • As entrepreneurs we need to consistently scan our environment.
  • Change does not mean fighting marketplace; it means embracing and understanding it.
  • I believe as entrepreneurs we need to listen and learn from failure: embrace failure!
  • Good to make a mistake and apologize rather than seek permission to make a mistake;
  • Threatening workforce is a sign of poor leadership;
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