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Why Projects Fail? A M&E perspective

Published in Opinion & Analysis Tuesday, 01 December 2015 21:23
Projects and interventions are designed to address a certain problem. But to achieve a desired result, an effective Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) should be embedded within such projects and interventions.

Making a Personal Strategic Plan

Published in Opinion & Analysis Friday, 20 November 2015 12:47
We all have a unique purpose and mission in this universe we call home. It’s maybe narrow or wide focused, small or big. Maybe it’s to change the world; maybe it’s to live your life with integrity.  Maybe it’s to create beautiful things; maybe it’s to learn to appreciate yourself!

Time for a Personal ‘Turnaround’

Published in Opinion & Analysis Sunday, 15 November 2015 15:25
Turnaround strategy is a corporate practice designed and planned to protect (save) a loss-making company and transform it into a profit-making one. Basically, is a process dedicated to corporate renewal by identifying the reasons for failure and taking a corrective action through a long term strategic plan and restructuring plan.
SWOT is a widely used tool for analyzing internal and external environments in order to attain a systematic understanding of a strategic management situation.  It tries to establish a strategic fit between an organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats posed by its external environment. There is a general assumption that modern organizations should develop sustainable strategies in the face of an increasingly dynamic and competitive world.
In recent decade there has been remarkable evidence supporting that organizations which are well defined outperform those which are not! Business definition here implies knowing where your organization is going and why? Primarily, defining where the business is going and why is a 'trademark' of strategic management.

Can an organisation be bigger than its vision?

Published in Opinion & Analysis Wednesday, 18 July 2012 09:58
An organization without a vision is like an eagle without wings. It's the image that an organization stands for and why it exists which lays a basis on which goals and strategies are defined. It provides motivation for day to day organizational activities by describing a desired world purpose by identifying the overall space shared with competitors, customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.
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