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How Can Startups Use IT to Improve Their Business Success: Kenyan Experience

E-commerce website has provided a platform for advertising and one stop shop which has built a linkage between suppliers and customers. Use of blogs and social networks can be advanced for a wider coverage for businesses as compared to the traditional means of advertising and selling products and services. 

For instance, Kenyan Firms like Safaricom, Nation Media Group, Royal Media Services and others have their presence in blogs and social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

IT facilitates automation of operations replacing manual involvement that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of operations. For instance introduction of ATMs in Banks has contributed to reduction of workforce and improved service delivery.

Through use of database management system the companies can bring large amounts of detailed information into a process that can be used to build customer profiles for subsequent segmenting.

Its capability of analytical skills can be used to track business trends. Banks have employed use of database management system to store customer information and meet the diverse needs of their clients. The University of Nairobi has also management information system that profiles students’ details.

IT has facilitated development of new business concepts like online buying and outsourcing. For instance, Kenya Airways has outsourced IT services while Airtel Kenya outsourced its customer care services to cut costs and improve on its efficiency.

E-commerce website acts as a source of revenue for the company. Other firms can advertise their products and services at a cost. Leading firms are using their websites and others to advertise their products and services e.g. Kenya Airways, Nation Media Group, Safaricom etc.

The speed of IT enables real time dissemination of customer orders and purchases from suppliers and keeping tracking on the movement of inputs and outputs and stocks in transit. This facilitates multi-tasking by the firms.  

Last modified on Saturday, 07 November 2015 10:43
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