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Can an organisation be bigger than its vision?

An organization without a vision is like an eagle without wings. It's the image that an organization stands for and why it exists which lays a basis on which goals and strategies are defined. It provides motivation for day to day organizational activities by describing a desired world purpose by identifying the overall space shared with competitors, customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Vision is a statement about what the organization wants to become. The organizational and personal successes depend on how well vision is defined and lived on.

It outlines what the organization wants to be, or how it wants the world in which it operates to be. It's a long-time view and concentrates on the future. It's can be emotive and source of inspiration.

The success of accomplishing a vision depends on it assimilation into the organizational culture. The vision should resonate with all members of the organization and help them feel proud, excited, and part of something much bigger than themselves.
By stretching the organization's capabilities and image of itself, the vision gives shape and direction to the organization's future.

Through use of the organizational capabilities the firm is able to transform inputs into outputs. It provides the requisite resources and rationale necessary in orienting it to the described aspirations for the future.
As a driver to attaining the vision, the contribution of the employees should be connected to something bigger than their jobs or organization.

It turns out that organization's vision is one of the major ways that connect employees to the bigger picture. The implication is that the vision reflects the optimistic view of the organization's future.

This driving force should be easily integrated, applied in all the organizational decision making and articulated and acted upon without having to read the text. This places the vision above the organization.
However, an organization can outlive its vision especially if it's not inclusive enough during its formulation.

During its formulation, if the environment of the organization is not well analyzed, then the management fails to envision the challenges that are likely to sprout due to dynamism of organization structure, culture and systems.

Though organizational vision is the future the organization seeks to create, based upon their unique strengths and values, in the current market environment, an overlook on the principle of inclusivity of the members of the organization is a recipe to outgrowth of the organization in respect to its vision.

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