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Meeting Self!

Just the other day I attended our usual team meeting; as usual we normally have a team leader whom take charge of the deliberations; by providing strategic leadership and ensuring the discussions and decisions are aligned to organizations vision and mission. The norm is that review meetings are held to assess the progress and chart way forward or develop the next steps! Basically that’s how organizations are expected to work! To larger extent we are faithful to this norm. Partly this is a recipe to a better performance and growth of the firms we work for. But at times I wonder whether we replicate the same to manage our affairs! Once in a while organizations go for consultancy but do we consider self-improvement important and if so what is really the motivation? Accountants and finance gurus maintain their financial records quite well. More than often they remind us of prudent use of scarce resources: funds! But is the same translating to our daily lives or we spend all our hard earned cash even before it hits our accounts! David a contributor to Management Magazine quivers that those who manage their personal finances and programmes well will also be sound institutional leaders and managers. 
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