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Does power really corrupts?

Is it a question of a chance presenting itself for corruption to thrive or what? But also what is the drive or motivator? What is the thinking of the corrupt before, during and after the act? Is corruption an event or a process? Are good people corrupts or not? Who is most prone to corruption the rich or poor, good or bad, women or men, religious or non-religious….?

Is it a culturally pervasive inertia or condoned or what? But why do the elites seems to always go scot-free with it and common man/woman seems to suffer? Is it the question of children of light verses dark or both? Does the society complain because they didn’t get a chance to engage in corruption or they mean what they say? Finally, does the culture condone corruption or what?

Every man and woman was born good and on a "clean slate".  They grew up being told that they must be themselves, but then society comes in and says no you have to look this way or you have to do this. We as a society have come up with what the perfect person should be. You should be tall, skinny, pretty, and smart. People say you should look a certain way, act a certain way. I believe that everyone should be who they want to be and no let our society change us.

We were all born pure and innocent but over time we begin to learn how to steal, cheat, and lie. Society corrupts the innocent minded. We are all evil. As we start to grow are parents immediately teach us how to want more. We are consumed with greed. We are corrupt.

It’s generally agreed that we are in this planet for a particular reason; to be good to ourselves and others. And we all bleed the same blood. Imagine we weren't so selfish and judgmental; the world would be a better place. But we know that humanity love power. Some will literary do nasty things in life to acquire or retain power.

The adage, ‘power corrupts’ has been with us for quite some time now. “Power tends to corrupt,” said Lord Acton, the 19th-century British historian. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

You can only be good as the systems are. Though, every man and woman was born good and on a "clean slate".  But if they live in a corrupt society run by corrupt individuals, they are more likely to become corrupt because of coercion, being paid to, social pressures, and mimicing others. Doesn’t really mean that because certain leadership is corrupt that the subjects are. One would argue in affirmative, in essence that the elective positions requires that the subjects have to put individuals into those positions. Then is corrupt leadership a true reflection of the society they live. This may be true in society witnessing run away corruption.

In essence, this society is telling us what to be.

Just looking at the current generations they are glued to channels that idolized the celebrity. Not that the society is a bad thing, but sometimes it can get a little out of hand. People wouldn't be the way they are today if it wasn't for the aggressiveness and selfishness of media, social groups, and peer pressure.

Technology plaques and corrupts those who misuse.

So what do we do?

Perhaps, moving a person out of a bad area into a good area, often removes the coercion, payment for doing bad things, social pressures to act corrupt, and bad role models, thus the person will often stop their bad behavior very shortly or immediately, and soon fit in with the non-corrupt crowd. I submit that there are risks associated with being non-corrupt especially for very influential individuals in such societies.

In some areas, they are at risk of being socially excluded or punished if they don’t act corrupt to. We are witness to instances where individuals perfom well in non-corrupt societies, but once moved to an area where corruption is prone they become bad. However, if the same individuals are taken into corrupt free societies they will be accepted and not punished for being nice, they often turn nice.  For instance, we are witness to some individuals in public sector behaving horribly wrong but once retaken to private sector they become nice. But this is not always the case.

Controversially, there those become corrupt to be just like others. Arguably, if everyone is corrupt, why don't you be one of them? They expect you to be so anyway.

To some extent there is darkness in everyone's heart- we tend to deprive of each other. Even "good" people will get mad when they are deprived and want to seek tit-for-tat; when we understand our kindness will never be repaid, when should we continue to show kindness? After all, most people care only about their own interest.

There those who believe that no one is born innocent. They argue that babies cry allegedly for food but in reality they just wanted attention. Growing old is not good at all, they learn how the world goes round.

The theory of hierarchy of needs possibly can shed some light.

Thinking about it.

Our culture seems to be based on greedy and discontent. Discontent on the part of those who are lower down and greed on the part of those higher up.

As a consequence of corrupt society, people steal, people die of hunger, people go to sleep with no roof over their head. Basically, we are encouraged to either do too much or not enough. If we don’t act now there is a gloomy future for all us.

We need to be worried that the next great crisis may wipe out the civilization. But worry has never provided any solution. There is need to live the talk and help others by not engaging in corrupt ways. Let’s churn away this devilish act.

Recently, Pope Francis on his maiden trip to Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Central African Republic) referred to it as a sugar that is sweet outside but with time the society becomes diabetic.

In summary, there are people who wouldn't act a certain way if they weren't exposed to certain ideals and certain "wrong people." There are also cases of people being very nice and generous and then coming into large sums of money and becoming greedy. Society changes people in all different ways and sometimes it results in corruption.

This is sick society with gloomy future. If you steal they will call you a thief but if you don't they will think that you're stupid, so a values and conscience are the most important.

In essence, society is a creation of humanity. Any darkness in society is undoubtedly placed there by its creators. Society may have its problems, but it is the way we hold back our base savagery; any imperfections are a result of these animal instincts.

Biblically, it’s only God who is perfect. This should never be the excuse to execute the many cultural imperfections we harbor. I believe the humanity have the power to choose between good and evil!

Using public position to cannibalize little resources somebody is expected to manage is not wisdom at all. Neither is it being smart, it’s being stupid! Being rich from corrupt ways is just a sense of lack of wisdom. One day you’ll also need to use the sub-standard facilities or infrastructure you’ve benefitted from.

And culture dies hard.

Last modified on Thursday, 03 December 2015 18:26
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