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Making a Personal Strategic Plan

We all have a unique purpose and mission in this universe we call home. It’s maybe narrow or wide focused, small or big. Maybe it’s to change the world; maybe it’s to live your life with integrity.  Maybe it’s to create beautiful things; maybe it’s to learn to appreciate yourself!

Becoming aware is critical to getting what you want. The question is how to create inner awareness by rediscovering yourself or your purpose in life.

Different scholars have defined strategic planning in different ways. Generally, strategic planning is the process of determining what results an organization intends to achieve in future and how it will achieve them.

Principally, strategic planning is associated with organizations. It consists of three phases; formulation, implementation and evaluation!

However, the same can apply to both you and me. Personal strategic planning entails making life choices to respond to different life circumstances of a dynamic and sometimes hostile environment.

It involves committing personal abilities to achieve a unique purpose in life.

Creating a personal strategic plan involves identifying what important to you, deciding where you want to go, having a vision, identifying barriers on your way and how to breakthrough them, go through, developing a roadmap to reach your vision and regular checkpoints to monitor and evaluate and take necessary adjustments as need arises. 

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