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Time for a Personal ‘Turnaround’

Turnaround strategy is a corporate practice designed and planned to protect (save) a loss-making company and transform it into a profit-making one. Basically, is a process dedicated to corporate renewal by identifying the reasons for failure and taking a corrective action through a long term strategic plan and restructuring plan.

It’s well known that organizations are virtually systems that comprise of a human dimension.

It’s the decisions omitted or committed that leads to a corporate failure. However, one may wonder whether the same can apply to human race. It means taking U-turn of personal life, career life, spiritual life etc.

I would argue that we find ourselves in situations literally because of good (or bad) choices we make in life. 

The challenge to personal turnaround could be the identification and making the appropriate renewal measures work.

Just like organizations, in our personal lives there are times of individual distress that present a couple of challenges.

In such situations, a human being may feel wreck down with a number of circumstances facing him/her.

In such state, organizations would quickly turn to consultants or hire new management or both to steer it clear, possibly to devise and execute a plan of corporate renewal.

The most important is to the discovery of root causes of the current state.

This is a step most people don’t undertake when they find themselves in crisis. The problem is that over time they get used to the current situation and sadly fails to overcome it.

It becomes the way of life or part of life.

Others will quickly engage a confidant! I presume by now we know that a problem shared is not always half solved.

It’s worth taking some time to reflect on the current circumstances before taking any action whatsoever.  

History dictates that confidant rarely provides a solution.

A solution must be homegrown.

Each case is unique. And it must be treated so.

Therefore, a personal turnaround may involve the following steps:

  • Take time to reflect on the current situation and it’s causes;
  • Depending on issues at hand, consult either a confidant, friend, partner, pastor, business and management consultant but bear in mind that a solution must be homegrown;
  • Carry out a personal situational analysis: This will inform the current engagements worthy of continuing with or abandoning altogether;
  • Develop an emergency action plan on how to handle your current situation: Right attitude and commitment will see you through.

All in all, once in life we find ourselves in situations that require us to take a personal turnaround which is basically removes all our weaknesses to make us strong and stable again.

It helps us stand once again by undertaking a complete U-turn of a strategic repositioning!!! 

Last modified on Monday, 30 November 2015 21:11
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