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Our Background

Strabuck Consulting is a management and business organization offering training and consultancy services to organizations of all nature and size. 

The core business of Strabuck Consulting is to work and help its clients to become an innovative and relevant industry player now and in future. In addition, it provides a platform for exchange of ideas about contemporary issues facing businesses across the sectors with a global outlook.

The ultimate goal of any organization is to serve the interests of its stakeholders. With business environment continuously being volatile and chaotic, the management have to respond to emerging trends, evolving missions, and changing market conditions.

There is need to help clients understand and proactively respond to meet and exceed their needs. This is the rationale behind formation of Strabuck Consulting.

Our clients face a wide range of complex and dynamic challenges. To address these challenges, Strabuck Consulting approach is that of a trusted partner.

We deliver objective and highly responsive advice which is deeply rooted in deep domain knowledge and expertise. Ultimately, our objective is to ensure our advice helps our clients achieve results that endure.

 Strabuck Consulting was founded in October 2014.

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