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Welcome to Strabuck Consulting website

Strabuck Consulting is a management and business organization offering training and consultancy services to organizations of all nature and size. The core business of Strabuck Consulting is to work and help its clients to become an innovative and relevant industry player now and in future... [Read More]

Why Choose Strabuck Consulting:

  • We provide a high level of support
  • Our expert team is here to help you
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We focus on the quality of our services
  • Oriented innovation with futuristic thinking

We help our Clients in: 

  • Identifying new ways to grow
  • Enhancing long-term strategic thinking
  • Creating and testing new business models and services
  • Making innovation truly creative and effective

Our Featured Services

We offer a range of services that enable our clients to meet their goals more efficiently including:

  • Strategic Planning - Strabuck Consulting engage our clients in defining their strategic directions through highly participatory and consultation processes to formulate strategic plans....[Read More]


  • Business Planning - Strabuck Consulting believes in empowering the individuals, startups and continuing business to streamline their businesses and also use the plans to access reliable credit facilities for their businesses....[Read More]


  • Team Building/Bonding –This product targets the human resource function of our clients with an ultimate aim of enabling a better communication, better relationships and ultimately increased productivity at workplace....[Read More]


Training – At Strabuck Consulting we provide training and development packages on Strategy, Governance & Leadership, Entrepreneurship ....[Read More]


  • Business Transformation - Strabuck consulting facilitates organisations to make   fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a shift in market environment.....[Read More ]
  • How can we help your organization?
  • You have tough decisions to make every day in your business?
  • We help make those decisions easier for you.
  • Lets do profitable business together!!!
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